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Find Inmate rosters, recent arrests, mugshots of offenders in Walton County, Georgia. Results also include Booking Id, Charges, Booking Date, Location, Bond, Reporting Agency, Gender, Age, Crime Date etc. You can view reports of daily, monthly, weekly arrests made through this tool.

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Police Institutions in Walton County, Georgia

2 primary police organization are responsible for arrests in Walton County, Georgia. They are responsible for keeping criminals off the street.

Each organization is responsible for safeguarding a particular vicinity. Central zipcode for each sheriff organization is shown below. Select your nearby zip code to view arrests.

Walton County Sheriff's Office

Do they post mugshots? Yes
Arrests Records Updated Today

Zipcode Served: 32433

Walton County Sheriff\u2019s Office

Do they post mugshots? Yes
Arrests Records Updated Today

Zipcode Served: None

Walton County Arrest records

Arrest records are updated by Walton County sheriff office several times every day. They keep put this record on their websites for public awareness. It's your right to know who has been arrested in your vicinity. These records can keep you updated with people and events around you.

Inmate rosters and mugshots

An arrest is a police procedure which allows police to take suspects in custody. Arrest record doesn't prove anyone guilty. These records are not FRCA compliant. You cannot use this data for background checks.

Arrest data is rich in information, It consists of many information like the following:

  1. Arrestee Name: Miscreants name who was arrested after or during offense committed.
  2. Booking Id: Id for the arrest made is generally termed as booking Id.
  3. Charges: felonies committed by the arrestee.
  4. Booking Date: The date when the arrest was made.
  5. Booking Location: Location of the arrest.
  6. Bond: Any bonds made during the arrest.
  7. Reporting Agency: Reporting agency of the crime.
  8. Gender: Gender of the felon.
  9. Age: Age of the arrestee.
  10. Crime Date: The probable date of the crime committed.
  11. Case Id: Id of the case if taken to court.
  12. Inmate Number: Id of the inmate when shifted to prison.
  13. Mugshots - A Portrait photo taken from the waist up when a person is arrested. These pictures are generally taken to keep track of miscreants with a photograph.

FAQs about arrests in Walton County

How to view todays arrests in Walton County, Georgia
Using this page you can view todays arrests, You can also view any arrests made within this month.
Who arrests in Walton County, Georgia
There are several organizations which are generally responsible for arresting a felon. In Walton County arrests are made by 2 organization. You can view the orgnization list above.
How to view arrests made by a particular organization
Select a particular orgnization, from list of sherriff offices in Walton County. View it's page to check for arrests made by them.
Why is my arrest record showing?
These records are controlled by federal agencies and police organizations, we don’t control the data. If you have ever been arrested your name or mugshot might appear on various websites.
How to remove my mugshots?
You cannot pay to remove mugshots from a government website or public websites. But if your case has been dismissed by the court or you have been free of charges you might apply to the website owners to remove the information.
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