Complete List of Government Inmate Locator Websites

If our search engine couldn't find the inmate you were looking for, You might be interested in the below list of government websites. We have compiled a complete list of inmate locator websites by federal organisations.
These websites below are state or organization specific websites. Which will surely help you. Websites are updated daily so you will always get fresh results.

As all the states in US doesn't have an inmate locator we have replaced our links for those states.

How to use these inmate locators ?

First of visit the required inmate locator page, Once you visit you will find a form, Having these following pieces of information will be handy:
  • Inmate Name
  • Inmate Id
  • Name of the prison.
  • State of offense or arrest.
For most of the inmate locators these are the common fields in the form to be filled, Now use the above informations to fillup the form in the page, Once you have filled the required information just hit the search button you will be able to locate the inmate.

Government Inmate Locators