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Mission Statement

At Kendall County History, we want to bring you an efficient tool to help you locate your loved ones. We are a public record aggregator and search engine. Our mission is to make background checks and public record searches available for everyone. Our database consists of 50 million+ public records and 2.4 million inmate records.

At we also cover extensively about prisons. We have 50+ motivated content creators, Who have manually written information about every prison in the US. We have covered over 17k+ prisons on our website. We share updated information about each prison regularly.

For the latest news and reports about prison and inmates check out our blog. We share news about prison and crimes, We are your voice of reality.

Kendall County History is an all-around prison website to help you in a way never possible before. We offer you various services and tools read below to know more.

Tools & Services

Inmate Locator

Searching through federal criminal & traffic records have never been simpler and cheaper, Now search & locate an inmate / prison with just a click, with our Inmate Locator Tool. We have over 2.5 million+ Federal Inmates and 8 million+ case records on individuals.


Prison Search

We have aggregated are over 17k+ prison facilities in the USA, We have manually written pieces of information about each facility for your convenience. You can browse or search for the facility you are looking for using our Prison Search Tool


Guide To Use Inmate Locator

Locating your loved one has never been more easier use the Inmate Locator in following ways:

  • By Browsing Inmates: Old classic way of browsing through inmates is the classic option in our locator. Start by going to the Inmate Locator Page. At the bottom of the page, you will find a list of inmates, You can use the filters available on the page to crunch the results.
  • Inmate Search Tool: You can use a more easier approach of using the search tool in the top of the page. Just type the name of the inmate and hit the search button, We will bring all kind of informations available with us. Informations like :
    • Crime Records
    • Current Facility
    • How to connect with the inmate
    • Sending money / postcard to inmate
    are available and handy

Background Check: Getting background check results has never been easier, cheap & convenient. We have collected these data from various government and nov government websites and API's, From paid and public sources. If you have any objection / suggestion regarding our data you can mail us at: [email protected].

Guide to use our Prison Search Tool

First visit our Prison Locator page. Once you are in the page you can locate any prison by following two methods:

  • By Browsing: Because the old way of browsing through the website is a choice of many of our users, You can simply use the table at the bottom of the page and try to locate the facility you are looking for. We also wanted to make your browsing experience easier so we have given some filters to ease the process. For a better viewing experience, we have also paginated 50 facilities per page. Start Browsing Prisons
  • By Using Our Search: Now moving to a more modern approach you can just use the search bar on the top of the page to locate any facility. Just type in the prison name and we will find the best results for your query.
When you visit a prison page you will be filled with many details manually written by our Team. Informations like below list are handy when you make a visit to the facility:
  • Phone number
  • Email Id of the facility
  • Website
  • Driving direction to the prison
  • Visiting hours of the facility

Browse Prisons By State

Comprehensive Background Check

Background check is a way of investigating someone's past background by looking into public records. Our background check service is the most comprehensive way of knowing someone's past. We go through several public data sources to get you a complete report.

Who and why should you do a background check?

A background check report is a way of reviewing someone's past. So a person who is looking to investigate someone for personal reason shall do a background check. A quick background check through our website can help you in follwing ways:

  • Can help you confirm someones real identity.
  • View crime & traffic records of the person.
  • Give you brief about his past personal life.
  • Verify educational background

Content of background check report

Our system goes through 1250+ public data sources including some 3rd party paid APIs to generate a background report. We scan Court Records, Arrest Records, Social media profiles, Company data base, Land Registry, Medical Records, Marriage registry, Education Records, Phone Directories, Birth Records and many more sources. The report consists of following details:

  • Current Location / Home Address
  • Crime & Traffic Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Court Records
  • Phone Number
  • Family Members
  • Email
  • Social Profiles
  • Marriage Details
  • Child Names

Note: It should be noted that we are not FCRA compliant and this report cannot be used for the purpose of employment. You can read more about FCRA here. For FRCA compliant searches we recommend

Search Public Records

Public records are pieces of information that are not considered confidential by federal law. These pieces of information are generally available in public domains and are easily accessible to everyone. The pain point of accessing these records is that they are not organized. Our mission in is to categorically organize these pieces of information which can be searched through various parameters.

What information are considered as public records?

In the US following goverment and non-govt data are considered to be public records:

  • Arrest Records
  • Crime Records & Traffic Tickets
  • Court Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Census Records
  • Property Records
  • Vital Records
  • Immigration Records
  • Birth Records
  • Political Records
  • Educational Records
  • Public Social Media Posts

Accessing public records

These records are available in public domains online / offline can be accessed through proper source. Online information can be accessed through simple google searches. Public record search engine like ours is specifically built for searching public records.

Is it legal to access someones information?

According to Freedom to Information Act it is completely legal to access someone's public records. FOIA might be different for each state.