About US - Who Are We!

We are a bunch of X-Fellow inmates with a tech background. We know the pain of being convicted, We understand the pain of your family members too. We have been in that situation, so we wanted to create a platform to help inmates and his/her family members. We created theinmatelocator.org with a vision to help you with prison knowledge which you are unaware of. We promise you to bring even more pieces of information which will help you to before, during and after prison time.

The Challenge and Mission.

There ain't a unified prison information website in the market which provides with the right information for all the prisons in the US. We wanted to create a platform where you can just log in to and get all the information you need. You just need to login to our website to view prison information, Prison rules, Visitation Timing, Visitation process, And Every possible information you need as an inmates family. Our efficient inmate locator also helps you locate an inmate any given time.

Services offered by TheInmateSearch

kendallcountyhistory.com has many free services to help you. Some of these are:

  • Prison Search: Search for prisons and get valuable informations.
  • Inmate Locator: Locate any inmate in US with this tool.
  • Inmates Blog: Get latest news updates from prison.
  • Forum: Work in progress.