Recent arrests in Maryland

Find recent arrests in Maryland, mugshots, rosters, offenders, crimes committed, Charges filed, Booking id, Booking Date, Age of the offender, Court case number, Case status, etc information below. These records consist of county records filed within Maryland, by various city sheriff offices and police organizations. These records do not prove anyone as criminal unless adviced by the court. These records cannot be used for background checks and do not comply with FCRA Rules.

How to get arrest records for Maryland

Arrests made at the state of Maryland between January 1st 2003 and Today can be easily searched in our website using this tool.
Arrests tool can be used by navigating to your required county within the state, In the county page, you will find all the arrests made within confined dates. You can further narrow down your search by visiting particular sheriff or police departments records from the county page.

Search Arrest Records of Maryland

How to use the records

The arrests records are rich for most of the counties, You can find various information by viewing a particular arrest record. They consist of the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Race
  3. Address given
  4. Booking Id
  5. Charges filed
  6. Degree of crime
  7. Booking date
  8. Age of the offender
  9. Crime location
  10. Inmate Number - If shifted to a jail

Search Arrest Records in Maryland
Sexual Offenders in Maryland
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Do’s and Don’ts with arrest records

  • These records should not be used for professional use
  • These records cannot be used for background check
  • They don’t prove anyone guilty
  • Arrest records are not FRCA compliant
  • Records from this website cannot be used to harm anyone physically, mentally or verbally.
  • You can use this records to help your friends and family.
  • Know about latest arrests and crimes in your community.
  • To keep yourself updated with scenarios and crimes in your neighbourhood.

FAQs about arrest records

How to search for arrest records in Maryland
Use this webpage to navigate to your county or state to find arrest records. You can use the guide above to which helps you in using this tool.
How to find inmates in Maryland
You can find inmates in Maryland using our inmate locator tool.
Why is my arrest record showing?
These records are controlled by federal agencies and police organizations, we don’t control the data. If you have ever been arrested your name or mugshot might appear on various websites.
How to remove my mugshots?
You cannot pay to remove mugshots from a government website or public websites. But if your case has been dismissed by the court or you have been free of charges you might apply to the website owners to remove the information.
Source of these records?
These records are collected from various government websites and forums, they are 100% automated and scraped from responsible sources only.
I am harassed and ashamed of my data being public, what should I do?
We are really sorry that your data is on public forums, there are 100s of websites which shows your mugshots and arrest records. You can always hire a reputation manager who costs around 1000$ to remove everything from the internet.