List Of Prison Facilities in Virginia

Below is a complete list of prison facilities in Virginia. The state of Virginia has 407 prison facilities. The list includes local jails, federal prisons, and private facilities. Browse the whole list of prisons from the below table.



370 / 100K
Imprisonment Rate

Virginia has a staggering imprisonment rate of 370 per 100,000 people. A total of 60,218 people are currently incarcerated in Virginia. 64,280 other convicts are on probation and 2,017 are on parole. View recent arrests in Virginia.

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Virginia Prison and Jail System

Virginia has 143 correctional facilities under the Department Of Correction. Virginia also has 46 regional facilities in cities and councils where convicts are housed pre-trial. 210 other facilities in the state are being used as administrative offices.

How to Search for Inmates in Virginia

Virginia Department of Justice allows you to search for inmates using their public tool. Perform a search by using the person's name, Inmate number, and Inmate ID. The search tool also allows filters like gender, race, age, etc.

Inmate search results show many pieces of information like matching inmate's name, gender, arrest records, crime date, release date, incarceration status, etc.

Prison Population In Virginia By Incarceration Status

Incarceration Status Population
Probation 64,280
Parole 2,017
Life Sentence 4,193
Total Incarcerated 60,218

Prison Population By Gender

Gender Population
Male 29,476
Female 2,362

How To Use The Virginia Prison Locator!

Searching for prisons in Virginia has never been easier, we have 407 prisons in Virginia. Using the search box above you can just type in any prison name or location of the facility we will find the right matches. Or you can use the classic way of browsing through the list of prisons from the below table. Using the table you can easily browse all the prisons in Virginia. Once you find the prison facility you are looking for, visit the prison page to find information like:

  • Visiting hours
  • Visitation Rules
  • Phone number
  • Email id of the prison warden
  • Facility Address
  • Driving map
  • Prison Inmate Locator

How To Contact, Visit and Send Money To an Inmate In Virginia

You can visit an Inmate in Virginia only if you are on their visiting list. Only one visitation is allowed per week. Follow proper rules and regulations for a smooth visiting experience. Below mentioned are a few of them:

  • Wear appropriate clothes for the occasion
  • Bring your ID Card
  • Don't be late for your visit
  • Have a prior appointment booked
  • Respect the prison guards

To know more about visitation you can read our ultimate visitation guide.

Virginia DOC allows family, relatives, and friends to send money to an inmate. Below are the steps you can follow to send money to an inmates trust fund or commissary account:

  1. Using the website or Mobile Apps Jpay Android / Jpay iOS
  2. Using Phone: Call 24x7 helpline 800-574-5729, speak with a live agent to send money.
  3. You can also walk-in into kiosks by Jpay.
  4. Moneygram: you can deposit cash with any Moneygram agent near you. VADOC receive code is: 5189.
  5. Money Order: You can also send a money-order by mailing Jpay Office:
    Inmate Name, #Inmate Id
    JPay, PO Box 278170,
    Miramar, FL 33027
    Download the VA money order slip to send a money order.

Contact An Inmate in Virginia by using any of the following methods:

  • Mail an inmate using USPS, and send it to the inmate by mentioning the Inmate ID, And Inmate Name with the prison facility's address.
  • Contact via telephone using the phone number mentioned on the prison page. For first-time telephone, setup read our phone account setup guide.

Type Of Prisons In Virginia

407 Facilities in Virginia are of different Type and Security level. Below is the distribution of prisons according to the facility type and security levels.

Complete List Of Federal Prisons & Jails In Virginia

This is full list of prisons in Virginia. List has been limited to 20 results per page for better browsing experience. Navigate through each page to view whole list of facilities.

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