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Cesar Bazan's Personal Information & Public Records
Inmate Name Cesar Bazan
Inmate Id #158467
Gender Male
Current Facility ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit
Current Location St. Johns, Arizona
Time Left For Release 1275
Release Date:
Phone Number: 928-337-4845
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Detail Information about inmate Cesar Bazan - Public Records

Cesar Bazan committed Misdemeanor / Felony under Federal Jurisdiction. The person was sentenced to serve prison time and is held captive in the ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit. The inmate's current location is in St. Johns, Arizona, and you can visit the facility during permissible hours. The date of release for the inmate is .

How to connect with Cesar Bazan!

Calling Inmate: The telephone provider of the facility is Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions). As prisons only allow collect calls, you need to set up an account with the telephone provider of the facility. To know more, you can call the facility at 928-337-4845. Calls are only allowed between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM (St. Johns, Arizona timezone); surcharges may apply for calling the facility. . If you are calling the inmate for the first time, you should read our prison phone call guide.

Mailing Inmate: You can send a mail to the following address to reach the inmate:

Cesar Bazan, ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit, St. Johns, Arizona
Mails are only allowed through USPS; you shouldn't use private couriers. You can send only letters, pictures, and legal items through the mail. Please don't send money or illegal things; they will be rejected and returned to you. You can also be permanently banned from sending any items to the prisoner.

Visiting In-Person: You can visit the facility of Cesar Bazan, ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit, St. Johns, Arizona, the current location of the inmate. But before your visit, you should check the following checklist:

  • Rules: You should know about the facility's timings for a successful visitation. It will make your visit smoother; learn more about Facility Rules & Regulations.
  • Timing: To avoid harassment, get a brief about Facility Visiting Timings.
  • Direction to facility: You can refer to the below map for driving direction to the facility.

If you are a first-time visitor to a prison, read our Ultimate Guide For Visitation. You will also need to submit a visitation application to the facility, and depending on the state, this application might vary download State Wise Visitation Applications.

Cesar Bazan - 2 Criminal record(s) found

We found 2 criminal records from the federal database for Cesar Bazan. He is currently serving prison time for his offense, and these offenses might be recorded before and during prison time.
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How to Send Money To Cesar Bazan's Inmate Trust Fund!

Sending money to an inmate's trust fund has become much easier in the last ten years. To send money to Cesar Bazan, incarcerated in ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit , you can use any of the following methods:

  1. Send Money Order By Mail only through USPS.
  2. You can also use Prison Kiosks, which accept Debit / Credit to deposit money to an inmate commissary account.
  3. Send cashier's check through the mail.
  4. Online through Jpay, WesternUnion, GTL. (allowed in some state and federal prisons only)

You can read our ultimate guide on how to send money to an inmate or visit the to understand the process better.

How to help the inmate?

An Inmate can be helped in many ways depending on the status of their trial. Being a family or friend of a prisoner, you should know the basic steps for handling every situation. Below are the four steps every inmate has to go through in their cycle of incarceration.

Recently Arrested

If the convict is recently arrested, you can help them by getting bail.

Sentenced for jail time

Before going to prison, you need to help the convict prepare for their jail time. It can be both physically and mentally challenging for the person. Get him to pre-prison counseling as soon as possible. The person needs to be mentally prepared and calm before going to the facility. Get them medically checked thoroughly for determining if any severe illness exists. Hand over your valuables to your family before going to the facility.

In Prison

Being a prisoner's family or friends, you need to be very supportive. You can do so by doing the following:

  • Giving them a regular visit.
  • Sending them letters and photos.
  • By keeping in touch via phone and video calls.
  • By mailing them books and magazines to read.
  • Send them money for essential shopping in prison.

Life After Prison

This is the time that decides the person's future. Family and friends must know what to do once a prisoner is released from prison; read our Guide to a better life after prison. Reentry into society should be a smooth process, and proper reentry ensures that the community has a low recidivism rate.

You should be very cooperative with the person and help him get reinstated in society. Continuous judgment and mistreatment can lead him back to prison. Below are a few things you can do to help the inmate:

  • Help him understand the new world and what changed.
  • Get him back to school or work.
  • Reunions with friends and family can also help a person get back to being normal.
  • Engage the person in recreational activity.
  • Get them to therapy and Counseling sessions regularly.

Penpals of Cesar Bazan

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Current Location Of Cesar Bazan - Driving Direction

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FAQs about Cesar Bazan

Yes, Cesar Bazan has criminal records and is serving prison time in theASPC Winslow - Apache Unit.
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Cesar Bazan committed multiple crimes under US jurisdiction.
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Mail / Visit: Cesar Bazan, ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit, St. Johns, Arizona.

The release date of Cesar Bazan is .
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Cesar Bazan is in ASPC Winslow - Apache Unit, St. Johns, Arizona.

Last known case status: Cesar Bazan is in prison for the crimes committed; case status is subject to change.
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